3 Steps to Predictably Attract 5 Star Prospects

Marketing Consultant - Jen Kuo

What are “5 Star Prospects”?

Great question. 

‘Quality Leads’ is the common term you’re probably familiar with. 

This is how people typically describe a quality lead…

Someone who is your target audience, has done their research, urgently needs their problem solved and has the money to pay you.

While 5 Star Prospects have all of those qualities…

They are also people who show up at your doorstep friendly, cooperative and have a different mindset because they’re not skeptical, worried and afraid about what they’re buying…

Because they are already pre-interested, pre-qualified, and pre-sold to do business with you.

That means, they have already convinced themselves that you are the person they want to do business with, because they have been properly positioned in advance. 

That’s why 5 Star Prospects are the best type of prospects to talk to in your sales conversations.

When you know how to predictably attract 5 Star Prospects into your business, turning them into clients becomes a piece of cake.

How hard do you think it will be to close the sale when they already know they want to work with you? 😉

You’ll close a heck of a lot more business and your business becomes more fun simply because you’re not spending your time getting rejected and wasting time with tire kickers.

So, how do you get 5 Star Prospects?

You don’t ‘get’ them, you create them. 

By strategically designing your marketing so they can identify themselves to you.

Why is it important to strategically design your marketing?


Because not all customers are equal.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ll know this to be true.

The worst customers complain a lot.

They have a tendency to drag you and your team down. They ask for refunds. Their expectations are never aligned with reality. They’re never truly happy.

No business owner in his or her right mind would willingly choose to have that type of customer.

So, if you want better customers, you need to move upstream and attract better prospects.

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I’m going to share 3 steps you can take to attract 5 Star Prospects. 

So you can move from a place where prospects ask you “How much do you charge?” right off the bat to “When can I work with you?”.

Jen Kuo

Marketing Consultant - Jen Kuo

I’m Jen Kuo — a marketing strategist and consultant. I specialise in helping professional service based businesses stand out with a difference — ensuring new prospects that come into your business are high quality and ready to buy without resistance.

I do that by positioning the sale of your service in advance by packaging up strategy, messaging and content into "marketing assets" that's valued and appreciated by your best prospects, so they become pre-interested, pre-qualified and pre-sold in doing business with you.

If you're looking for marketing help, grab a free copy of "Business Owner's Guide to Hidden Marketing Service Traps", to ensure you have a positive, results-driven experience before working with marketing service providers: https://jenkuo.com/guide/

Jen Kuo