Business Owner’s Guide to Hidden Marketing Service Traps

Marketing Consultant - Jen Kuo

Free Educational Resource For Business Owners

In the 10 years I’ve spent in the (online) marketing space… I continued hearing bad experiences and “horror stories” with marketing service providers and agencies from business owners.

As a way of helping people out, I created a Business Owner’s Guide called “Hidden Marketing Service Traps”.

It’s a deep dive into the traps of the marketing industry that business owners don’t know about, which causes them to fall prey to unethical and/or incompetent providers.

My goal is to cut through the fluff out there and just share some real-world advice.

I’ve packed a lot in the guide that you’ll find helpful, because I want it to be the most impactful for people.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid hidden marketing agency traps
  • Costly misconceptions about marketing and marketing services that no one tells you about
  • Expensive mistakes to avoid when choosing a marketing service provider
  • Why you want marketing that reduces sales resistance
  • 4 steps to successful marketing that gets results
  • 10 smart questions to ask every marketing service provider or agency before hiring them

You can grab a free copy of the Business Owner’s Guide here:

So you can finally understand what to look for to ensure a positive, results-driven experience before working with marketing service providers.

Jen Kuo

Marketing Consultant - Jen Kuo

I’m Jen Kuo — a marketing strategist and consultant. I specialise in helping professional service based businesses stand out with a difference — ensuring new prospects that come into your business are high quality and ready to buy without resistance.

I do that by positioning the sale of your service in advance by packaging up strategy, messaging and content into "marketing assets" that's valued and appreciated by your best prospects, so they become pre-interested, pre-qualified and pre-sold in doing business with you.

If you're looking for marketing help, grab a free copy of "Business Owner's Guide to Hidden Marketing Service Traps", to ensure you have a positive, results-driven experience before working with marketing service providers:

Jen Kuo