A “buy 8 get 1 free” deal for Coffee Lovers at Anywhere. Merchants are seamless joined together, benefits themselves and each other.

Business development and management - CoffeeNut

CoffeeNut is a new startup company. It provides a revolutionary loyalty program to encourage coffee lovers to accumulate points which may then be redeemed for free coffee at participating merchants.

Loyalty program is no longer a nice-to-have, it becomes mandatory to be an effective tool to retain customers and attract new customers. However, traditional loyalty program limits coffee drinkers to go to specific café to accumulate points and get redemption. Users need to store different paper or mobile loyalty cards, and it could not provide any convenience to customers.

CoffeeNut provides a “buy 8 get 1 free” deal for coffee drinkers. Free app for members to download and use, we make it easy for members to signup, gain points and redeem free coffee at all participating cafés. Members can even share points to friends as a gift which makes it much convenient and easy to redeem free drinks.

CoffeeNut allows merchants to add a contactless loyalty program system to their businesses using an iPad to download the CoffeeNut Business app, with NO transaction fees per transaction. There are NO monthly subscription fees, lock-in contracts or exit fee as well. In return, merchants join in a seamless loyalty program with other cafes and grow their customers. Most important, merchants can have profit margin guaranteed. CoffeeNut works as real business partner with merchants to provide an easy and convenient program to members.

To learn more, visit the link https://www.coffeenut.com.au

Chris Hui

Business development and management - CoffeeNut

Born in Hong Kong and migrated to Australia a decade ago. Qualified accountant and company secretary in Australia.

With +20 years working experience in commercial and managing companies based in ANZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Japan.