Info security needs software to protect your password

Info security not only needs to fix software bugs, using good passwords or keys, making key
distribution more secure, for example, using QKD, not let others see your typing of the password.
Because even when all of these are done properly, there is still one big issue that could make all the
above efforts useless: software-based key stealing attacks.
On modern systems, debugging tools are needed to troubleshooting issues on the systems, and the more powerful the tools, the more efficient troubleshooting works. However, powerful troubleshooting tools are also loved by attackers
because they also let attackers do password-stealing much easier, so without software to help users
to combat all those software-based key stealing attacks, info can only be falsely secure.
Only our WZIS Software produced security software are designed with the anti-hacking capability in
mind, no other vendors’ ones can match with our ones to make info more secure on

Roger Gong

CEO - WZIS Software

Create better security software to make info more secure

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