Need to access your Office computer from Home?

Working from home has become more of a necessity than an option in the current work climate.

If you are small business operator and need to access your Office computer from home, whether on an ad hoc or daily basis, there are a number of secure ways to do this which can save you some heartache.

There a number of free products available to meet your ad hoc needs.  I use Teamviewer business edition exclusively to remotely support my business clients.  It has paid for itself many times over. The free version is an ideal solution for your ad hoc, personal needs. Anydesk is another free-for-personal use product, and also offers a Home Office solution.

If your access needs are ongoing, then a secure VPN connection from your home to your Office would be the better approach. Most households nowadays have an adequate Internet connection to allow this to work well.

Reach out to us at Breakthru IT Services for a tailored approach to your remote access needs.

Michael Abboud

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Michael Abboud

IT Specialist - Breakthru IT Services

Breakthru IT Services provides dedicated, specialist Linux and IT support services, both on site and remotely, for home and for Office. Linux distributions include CentOS, Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu. Our clients range from small businesses to national and multi-national corporations. We are especially proud to provide local services to the Parramatta and Western Sydney districts. As a local business, we are in a unique position to offer our blend of customer service and specialised skills to our local area. Remote support is a speciality.

Breakthru IT Services

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