The right shot

Nature photographer, owner - Steve Paterson Photography

Over one billion photos are uploaded to the internet every day. Many of them are not great photos, but some stand out. So what makes a great photo and how can we take or choose photos that grab people’s attention?

To make our websites and adversiting stand out, we must take or choose photos that tell a story; a story that interests people and connects with our brand. A picture is the introduction and the text continues the story.

As a nature photographer, I spend a lot of thime thinking about the composition of my photos. What is my subject and why is it interesting? How can I show off it’s best side. How can the background enhance the photo? What story am I trying to tell?

I found this tiny leaf-green tree frog (3-4cm long) at Hunts Creek Carlingford, where I take most of my shots. What makes this shot work, is the colour, the detail and the interesting position the frog is in. I took the time to explore different angles and knew that the best shots would come if it moved.

As part of my business, Steve Paterson Photography, I lead personalised Bushland Photography Tours at Hunts Creek or bushland near you. I can show you the amazing beauty on our doorstep and teach you what to look for when taking great photos. Until September 5, while the Winterlight festival is on in Parramatta, I am offering a 2 for 1 deal from my tours. Tours are $80 and run for 1 1/2 hours. I also licence my digital photos for use on websites and in advertising.

Getting your message across starts with a great shot.

Nature photographer, owner - Steve Paterson Photography