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At 3R Counselling we specialise in Pre-Marriage Education & Relationship Counselling Programs.

A Pre-Marriage Education Program will help provide you and your partner the necessary skills, tools and strategies to navigate your married life as a couple and to build a strong foundation and strengthen your bonds. It is a well-researched, evidence based, experiential, future focused and strength-based model. It helps provide both of you with essential tools for better communication, conflict resolution and plenty more ways to increase your relationship satisfaction, taking you from the BIG day to the BIGGER picture of married life.

This simple yet highly proven program is especially essential in the fast phased lives we lead today & is a gift that keeps on giving. It is presented in both faith based and non-faith based options. It is ideal for engaged couples, newlyweds and couples who are in a long-term commitment.

The Bringing Baby Home Transition into Parenthood Program is brilliantly designed to raise awareness of how the quality of your couple relationship plays a significant part in raising an emotionally intelligent and resilient child. It helps prepare you to embark on the reality and joys of ‘parenthood’ after you have loved life as a couple. It’s an ideal program for expectant couples and new parents. You only need to do this program once but the benefits carry through for your consecutive children.

The Relationship Couple Check Up’s is a wonderful opportunity to help strained and stressed marriages get a revival and revamp because life happens. Often, we tend to focus on the needs of our families and sometimes we lose each other in that journey. This check -up helps you to bring your couple relationship back to surplus which is important throughout the various stages of marital growth and development. Sessions are tailor made to your unique couple needs.

All programs and sessions can be conducted face to face or online via Zoom if preferred.