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CloudPayroll is an easy-to-use, feature-rich payroll solution that future-proofs your payroll process! We make it simple for you to run each pay and manage leave, PAYG, and employee records. We also make it easy for your employees to view their payslips, pay history, YTD income statements, and apply for leave using the Employee Kiosk. Stay compliant with CloudPayroll. We keep you up to date with legislation and we provide ongoing, unlimited, support with local payroll experts.

CloudPayroll is a proven, cloud-based payroll solution, suitable for a MICRO size business with a few employees, Premium business with up to 100 employees or Enterprise business with several hundred employees. We also cater for a group of businesses, a franchise, or a professional group with multiple unrelated businesses.


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Weaam Megeed -
Business Development Manager
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Joanna Cruickshank - National Sales Manager
National Sales Manager
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