2020 Student Outcomes Survey: Great Employment Outcomes Reported by Students

Marketing Specialist - Macquarie Community College

Each year, when we receive the results from the National Student Outcomes Survey, we are blown away by the outcomes reported by graduates of Macquarie Community College. This year is no different!

We are especially pleased with the employment outcomes reported by our students. Our vision is to empower motivated participants to create better futures. The positive results from this survey helps confirm that we continue to provide learning opportunities that transform lives.

Below are some highlights from the 191 responses received.

Employment outcomes of qualification completers at Macquarie Community College:

– 64.3% were training for employment reasons (to get a job, change careers, develop or start their own business, upskill or reskill).
– 30.3% had an improved employment status after training.
– 28.6% were employed before training. Of these, 5.2% were employed at a higher skill level after training and 15.9% had a better job after training.
– 71.4% were not employed before training. Of these, 21.6% were employed after training.
– 34% were employed after training. Of these, 95.1 found the training relevant to their current job and 92.5% received at least one job-related benefit.

We currently have training places and funding available for fee-free* nationally accredited training in Aged Care, Child Care, Business, Computing and more.

Find out more by calling us on 1300 845 888, or visit: https://www.macquarie.nsw.edu.au/skilling-for-recovery

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