Online Learning would be more FUN and EXCITED during the Lock Down

Hello Everyone,

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With the lockdown in NSW, we understand how hard it is for parents to keep kids entertained with creative, healthy and fun activities at home. It’s not easy to ask kids staying away from iPad, Laptop or TV during this lockdown. But, do not worry, we are here to help, to provide more and more valuable ART and STEM packages for kids to have their best time indoors.

$0 Art or STEM package + 5 FULL ONLINE CLASSES when using Creative Kids voucher.

Here is the link to apply for Creative kids voucher :…/apply-creative-kids…

Let’s check it out to see what we have :

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Little Engineer

Furthermore, We are having many fun-filled activities on the weekend for your children to beat the boredom at home and having some chatty moment with their friends such as Dancing, Drama, Art classes, STEM, etc…

Simply click on our link above to order, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica 0452 532 899

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