Organisational Cultural Change

Succession planning is challenging, and in many cases, business owners fail to sell their business. This usually results in a negative situation with employees losing their jobs, and in some cases unemployed long term. Our Bluetongue Cooperative Development Network aims to reverse this trend by utilising employee buyouts in the form of “employee-owned worker cooperatives”.

We are setting up a network of practitioners to save as many businesses as possible from closure. Keeping jobs, skills and products in Australia by undertaking the following tasks:

  1. Promote the worker cooperative concept across society and government
  2. Identify suitable businesses for employee-ownership implementation
  3. Educate owners to understand that they can best preserve their legacy by selling to their staff
  4. To assist the employees coming to believe that they are capable of purchasing and running their own business in a democratic way
  5. To encourage cultural change by embracing the principle of high performing workplaces
  6. Facilitating the transfer of ownership by supplying know-how
  7. Ongoing support and networking

The Bluetongue Co-op is looking for an experienced “Organisation Cultural Change” consultant/expert to get involved in this area of expertise.

For more information visit our website:


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