The Upside of Down Podcast – Finding the upside in our mental health challenges

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Happy RUOK Day!

It was great to see so many at the Parramatta Localised Meetup and to hear from Mel Novak from Beyond Blue on this important day for mental health awareness.

With so many of us struggling over the uncertainty of the past couple of years, I recently launched a podcast, called The Upside of Down, exploring how we can discover the positives in our mental health challenges. With almost 40 years of facing mental health challenges myself, (anxiety, depression and Bipolar disorder), I bring my own experience and what I have learned from health care professionals, into a practical and relaxed conversation.

As or today (9 September), I have published 5, 10-15 minute episodes and put out a new episode each week. Episodes for far include: It’s all in your head, Getting what’s inside out, Your personal best, Being liked and One day.

You can listen here:

If you listen, please get in touch to share your thoughts and give any suggestions you may have.

Let’s keep looking for the upside of down.

– Steve Paterson


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