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Sudoku Bookkeeping introduces their June Workshop Series in MYOB AccountRight

By Amie Kendall

Sudoku Bookkeeping Introduces their June Workshop Series With minimal face-to-face training options available, these 3- and 6-hour workshops aim to fit in with business owners and their employees’ requirements.  Sudoku Bookkeeping understands that small businesses struggle, so giving piece…

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2020 Student Outcomes Survey: Great Employment Outcomes Reported by Students

By Ka Wong

Each year, when we receive the results from the National Student Outcomes Survey, we are blown away by the outcomes reported by graduates of Macquarie Community College. This year is…

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Rheem Australia enlists local business Mental Health Training Essentials to train their NSW Peer Support Team

By Tania Gutierrez

36 Rheem Employees from all over the business signed up to be part of Rheem Australia’s Peer Support Program and have shown a keen interest in creating greater awareness and…

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Latest 5 Star 🌟 Review for 3R Counselling Pre-Marriage Education Course💕

By Cynthia Nathan

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Pre-Marriage Education Specialist

By Cynthia Nathan

Cynthia Nathan, Relationship Counselor and Marriage & Relationship Educator is a Prepare Enrich Pre-Marriage trained facilitator here in Sydney. She offers a unique, one of a kind very special Pre-Marriage…

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Are your Employment Contracts Compliant?

By Martha Travis

Do you have an employment agreement in place for all of your employees? If not, you should have. Even if it is isn’t written down, if someone turns up regularly…

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Do you sleep well at night?

By Martha Travis

Wondering if your business is compliant from a people perspective keeps many business owners awake at night.   When you have invested so much into building your business, often at…

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Feedback 5

By Martha Travis

Developing a feedback culture is not only ‘best practice’ from an HR perspective, it also makes good business sense. Building the discipline to have regular (monthly is best) feedback sessions,…

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How to de-stress, naturally

By Daniel Irvine

Is the Covid-19 pandemic causing you to feel stressed? With such widespread coverage, the 24-7 news cycle, and social media feeds jammed with coronavirus content, many of our patients are…

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How does a community group provide services to its members during a pandemic?

By Deborah Martin

In March 2020, Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors had about 200 members, all of whom were over 55 years old and some were in their 90’s.  When COVID-19 struck, we…

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Food Manufacturing

Commercial Fridge repair

I have 2 fridges that need service and repair work. 1 - SKOPE brand 3

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Logistics, Transport & Warehousing

Potential Sub-Contractor Needed

Sydney Side Distributions potentially requires a sub-contractor Driver starting in the next few months. We

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Commercial Real Estate & Land Management

tree cut

I need a nature eucalypt tree cut

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